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TB-01 Subaru Imprezza

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I'm moving on the last of my Rally cars now.

This is pretty much unused.........1 half 5000mah battery around the back garden is all it's managed, and then my wife went back to playing with the 4 wheel steer TLT I have.

It's running a silver can rather than anything hot, but it does have some other bits and bobs with it.

3Racing alloy shocks all round.

Full ball bearings thorughout.

TEU104 ESC installed in the car, and a Futaba S3003 servo

No radio gear sorry because I'm keeping that for my next project.

It's currently got a 2001 Subaru Imprezza bodyshell on it (Prodrive metallic blue, with the Richard Burns markings), however the original bodyshell (1999 version) is included, and is sitting pristine in the box after having it's colours sprayed on as per Tamiyas manual instructions.

The decals are completely unapplied for the German champ shell, but the Richard Burns shell is completed.

It will be sent in its orginal box, complete with all instructions, all box bits, original shocks (unmade), spare screws, hex key, and the spare springs of different strengths for the 3Racing shocks.

£80 for you good people.

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