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Agent Orange

Everything to go RC Channel, Defender, Spektrum, Integy etc.

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I got back into RC a couple of years ago and to cut a long story short it just isn't for me. Thought it might be with the scale stuff and had intended to make the Devon 4x4 110 trayback but never had the energy or interest.


So it's about time I had a clear out and sold the lot. I've got

Tamiya Stadium Blitzer - run for about 5 15-20 minute sessions and comes with posts to mount Blitzer Beetle body

CC-01 Touareg (never run build thread) with

RC Channel metal rear axle

RC Channel metal front suspension including steering hub, skid plate and wish bones.

Integy 55T motor

Ball bearing steering mod

Mtroniks Viper RV11 ESC

Spektrum DX2 and Spektrum SR3000 receiver

Spektrum servo

Bantam e-Station BC6 Dual Power charger

Land Rover Defender body - from Peter(?) in Hong Kong

Kevin Frewer Lexan Range Rover shell - new and unused

Proline Toyota FJ40 lexan body. Painted and trimmed but not used or fitted

Stadium Blizter aside any "dirt" you think you might see on anything else is just dust. None of the above ever left the build desk!

As I'm not an active member of anything RC any ideas what sort of price should I expect to put these up for?

Photos here and taken this evening







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Hi mate,

First dibs on the stadium Blitzer/Thunder!!

Your stadium Blitzer is actually a Thunder. Same chassis though. Anymore pictures of it and is it Ready to Run?? I'm interested :lol:!!!

I would say about £25-£25 for the Range Rover, FJ40 and Land Rover Bodies each.

The Touareg is the worst the most. Probably around £160 because of the goodies.

I think they are about right.

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Ha yes if I'd have actually bothered to read what is written on the box and the big sticker on the back I might have noticed it was a Stadium Thunder.

Has a Sport Tuned motor fitted but no ESC or receiver. I'll sort better pictures in the next couple of days.

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