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For Sale: CC-01 Volkswagen Touareg

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And here is the last of the November clear-out to thin out the collection.

I only brought this last month as I was in desperate need of something to build when the FAV's had failed to turn up back in stock at my local model shop. Perhaps it isn't the best bet to make spur of the moment purchases, but I know a lot of people say very good things about the CC-01 chassis so I thought it would make a great addition to the stable........errr

It's had a test run around the back garden, and then a run on the gravel a little bit. I then went off on holiday only to come back to a message that my long awaited FAV had finally turned up so this managed to get benched straight away. It does unfortunately have a slight scratch on the bodyshell roof where I managed it roll it on the junction from gravel to tarmac, but it's nothing too noticeable.

It's fully ball-raced, assembled with ceramic grease, and with the fully operational diffs (the diff locks are still in the box, along with the instructions should you want them). It has the stock Tamiya TEU-104 ESC on board it, and a Futaba steering servo connected to a Futaba 40mhz speed controller. There is no crystal in the reciever and no transmitter sold with the car. The shell has been painted with a proper trans-blue, with a candy silver underneath it, so it's a real deep metallic blue which is a lot better looking than the standard Tamiya metallic blue, and all the decals are on the shell in perfect positioning.

Photos to follow soon

Price £140 including postage

Piccies as promised.







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