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For Sale: Kyosho 1/8 motorbike - Kevin Schwantz Suzuki

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Whilst re-insulating and flooring the loft I found a bag with this old beastie in!



Last time it was used (about 10 years ago) it did work, but as I can't find a transformer to connect the charger to I can't confirm if it still works today.

I'm looking to sell it complete with battery, fast charger, Futaba radio gear and stand.


It is very well used, and probably about 20 years old, but it is complete.

Would £80 be of any interest?

Depending on weight I should be able to post worldwide too.

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Thanks Jonesy.

Recieved the bike. It is all exactly as described and now happily sitting on the shelf with a couple of other Kyoshos.

I've just placed an order for some of Tamiyoman's repro decals which, when combined with new paint, should bring Kevin and the RGV back to their former glory.

Here's Kevin with one of his bigger brothers!

Thanks again for a pleasant transaction.


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