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FS: Tamiya TLT-1 Max Climber

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As with my Monster Beetle this TLT-1 is up for sale to pay for new equipment for my racing bikes prior to the race season getting into full swing.

This TLT-1 is in absolutely mint condition, and was only really purchased as a mini playmate for my monstrous TXT-1 General Lee special.

The TXT-1 does spend a bit more time requiring repairs, but it still is my go to machine for any monster truck frippery, and the TLT-1 only really got used in the house when it wasn't good weather to o outdoors.

I brought the TLT-1 as a new-in-box model and set about upgrading it from the off, so it has been built with full ball races (all the original metal bearings are in the box) and the motor was upgraded from the outset with a Tamiya Superstock RZ motor so it has plenty of poke.

It is also running full 4 wheel steering over the standard box version.

For this it has a Futaba Attack 4 channel radio gear, and brand new Futaba 3003 servos both front and rear. This does mean that it will turn on a penny, or really freak people out by driving diagonally forwards which always confuses the badword out of people watching either my TXT-1 or the baby TLT-1.

The real bonus of the TLT-1 Max Climber is the fact that unlike its brother - the Rockbuster - it runs on standard 7.2v stick packs, unlike the triangular packs that the Rockbuster needs.






The sale includes the original box, the instructions, all the remaining components (should you wish to return it to front wheel steer only), the full Futaba 4 channel radio gear, and the ESC. All you'll need is 8 AA's for the radio gear, and a 7.2v battery.

I'm looking for ideally about £150 for the car, but is this asking too much for a TLT-1?

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