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TB01 non-stock bodies

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Anyone got any pics of 'non' standard bodies to fit a TB01?

Not interested in Subarus and stuff, but old 'muscle cars', street rods etc.

Thanks muchly



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HAHA Cool! Dukes of Hazard! icon_smile_cool.gif

When does the 'Kitt' (Night Rider) car appear?

I only saw some Herbie's at the club but that's all for 'famous movie car look-a-likes'. Anyone else has one?


I love Sand Scorchers, but I don't have one... Please help this poor collector...icon_smile.gifid=size1>

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A company here in OZ has started producing some interesting bodyshells... some can be seen at the following E-Bay auctions.





I think they're made by a company called "Classic Forms" in NSW, Australia. You could try e-mail at classics@terrigal.net.au

I asked him for an AE86 body, as the ABC Hobby one from Japan is around 4500yen plus about the same in postage... a bit too expensive!!!


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