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Tamiya williams f103 tl01 astra chevy prerunner ta02

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Im selling a few of my models as Im getting out of the collecting and bashing game to concentrate on my racing.

First is my Tamioya f103 it has minimal use the bodyshell has no rips nor tears and the nose and wing are in perfect order the body does have another hole put in where i relocated the antenna but this is hardly noticeable. The tyres have plenty of wear left in them. The chassis has a few light marks underneath but nothing major. Included is red ally wheel nuts, alloy motor mount oil shock steering servo and a sport tuned motor.

Im after £85 posted for this paypal gift or buyer to pay fees please



next is my tl01 astra coupe done in btcc colours the bodyshell has not been run and has no marks tho it is a little dirty from storage. A few decals are starting to lift with age.

The chassis is in good nick with the usual scratches underneath it has a few hop ups including oil shocks, alloy motor mount, full bearings adjustable steering arms and a quick release battery holder. this also includes the steering servo receiver and a hpi 20t motor but not the speedo. The wheels and tyres are brand new with only being used the once so ther are no marks on them at all.

Im after £75 posted for this paypal gift or buyer to pay fees please



ta02 chevy pre runner.

This has been uised the body is in good nick with just a few small marks and a small tear at the rear but it still looks very good. The chassis a ta02 chassis which is full ballraced and has a hardened propshaft. The wheels and tyres are in good nick. This includes a 27t sport motor a tamiya teu101 esc and a steering servo.

Im after £75 posted for this paypal gift or buyer to pay fees please SOLD



if you wouls like any pics or more info about the car please feel fee to email me at slimdazman@ntlworld.com.

Also if you would like the cars but you want it as a rolling chassis ect let me know as im sure we can do a deal.

Cheers Daz

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