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Tank Special Prices - Cheaper than HK

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Temporary special offers available on tanks - we have to order these in if desired, so allow a few days.

All available at time of posting (4th November):


Offers are:

Tamiya 56010 Tiger 1 Early with Full Options £435.00

Tamiya 56022 Panther G with Full Options £569.00

Tamiya 56028 Russian Heavy Tank KV-1 - Full Option Kit £569.00

Tamiya 56030 Russian Heavy Tank KV-2 - Full Option Kit £569.00

UK Free delivery available on these prices. Savings are around 35% on RRP.

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Darn it, shame we are in process of waiting for a house move to through means no spare cash! and i need a tank lol.

I pretty much spent my last chunk of money destined for tank on the re-re bruiser!

Great prices though and no worries of customs etc!

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