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[FOR SALE] 501X/DB01 Assorted Parts & Hop-Ups (New)

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Hi there,

[Edit: the album linked below has been made public, sorry about that]

I'm parting out a built but never used TRF 501X kit and almost everything is for sale. I've not priced all the bits up yet but the prices will be at or below 80% of the lowest ebay price for people here at TC (+shipping at cost).


[501X/DB01] Hop-Up front one-way+Hop-Up adapter

[501X] TRF Carbon parts - chassis, top braces, shock towers

[501X] TRF Aluminium parts - all bulkheads, motor mount, all suspension mounts, battery posts,

[501X] TRF Shell - body, wing and undertray - untrimmed and not painted


[501X] Full Hop-Up steering set

[501X/DB01] TRF Suspension - TRF Buggy Dampers [#54028]

[501X/DB01] TRF Drivetrain - Slipper clutch, ball diff, steel outdrives, F+R CV shafts, 2 x 369 mm belts

If you want something then just post your initial interest in this thread (I'll certainly reply) and if it goes beyond that we can migrate to PM/email.

I also have some spare plastics like arms and hubs as well as a full turnbuckle set so if you need some odds and ends post in this thread and I can have a look for you.

If you can see this album (link) there are some pics there for good measure.



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