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Super Eight Landmax 4wd

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Just been getting a Landmax 1, and it has the age old problem of the spur gear (the red one - GT-1) being stripped. On removal, I found that the clutch had desintergrated in the hands of the previouse owner. Must have jammed, then tore the teeth off the spur.

Can't find one for love nor money.

Heres my plan, use a HPI Savage or Hellfire spur, you can get a 51 tooth and it is 52mm diameter, the GT-1 is 53mm. I then plan to machine the ,teeth off the original, down by about 8mm. Then machine the center of the HPI spur so I am left with what is efectivly a ring gear. Then I will epoxey glue the two parts together

Thats the plan anyway, what do you think?

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Thought I would show you my solution. This is the HPI 51 tooth spur gear I bought off Ebay £4. The other part is the Kyosho BS-41 diff bearing carrier.I bolted them together back to back, then drilled the four 3mm bolt holes. then glued the bearing carrier withsome epoxy glue, I used JB Weld, bolted them back together and left to cure for a couple of days.

This shows they are a perfect match.

These are the 2 parts used, under a tenna forthem both.

Here is the reassembled diff, I had to shim the bearings a bit, as the offset is deeper on the new spur gear.

In the diff holders

Bach on the chassis, mesh is perfect.

I will let you know how I get on after I have given her a test run,

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