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WANTED - a few Fox parts

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Hello TC!

I'm in the process of restoring a few Foxes. I picked up two locally for a great price and figured one would be a parts car. Well one is pretty much mint so it'll be a shelf queen once I go through it, and the other is almost complete as well. I'm just missing a few parts.

I know there are some Fox Fanatics on here, and I'm hoping someone can help me get these cars back in the dirt.

Here are the pieces I'm in need of:

C2 - Tree C Part 2 - The right side (from the driver's point of view) A arm attachment part.

F5 - Tree F Part 5 - it's the little piece which inserts into the gear box for the skid plate to attach to on the underside.

Hubs - I need three, but I'll take any that I could get. I have an aluminum set for my runner, but I only have one good hub for the other two cars.

Hex Mounts - I ordered all that I could find on eBay, but I'm still short two.

Lastly if anyone has any of the brass inserts for the gearbox or damper eyelets I could use a few of those as well.

Thanks a ton TC. I may be new to the site, but I've got a lot to post up on these restos soon.


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