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what would you vote for greatest tamiya r/c model ever made?

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the obvious answer is the Striker. nothing else even comes close. it was the boldest, the fastest, the pinnacle of tamiya engineering prowess. nothing could touch it on the track and if you were lucky enough to have one you were instantly the king among all your friends.


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For me it has to be the 959 or original Hilux

Both have fantastic chassis and immaculately designed and moulded bodies.

Scale realism combined with engineering excellence is what Tamiya is all about to me.

The new XV01 chassis also takes some beating and will be awesome with the Lancia Integrale shell on.

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After several days of scientify analysis, number crunching and cross checked my data...i have concluded the thunder racer or the Blitz series is the overall winner. Before i get stab like caesar, here are the supporting results.

1. simple yet effective engineering

2. 4wd performance

3. value for money...cheap to own and operate.

4. durable (hard plastic body) confirmed by 5 year old racers

5. great packaging. ..ask any 4 year old not adult or teenagers

6. good detailing. the Stig is the driver, which confirms is a performer.

7. easy to repair provided one can damage it.

All the rating catalogories scored high, HENCE IS TAMIYA BEST OVERALL TO DATE.

Go out and snap one up before prices go up to the Bruiser level.


Yes this gem had flown below our radar screen for many year, including my. So what are you still doing here and not rush out to secure this hidden gem before they are all gone.

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Tamiya has had some iconic models

Sand scorcher- first capable off roader

Hornet-decently durable yet fast beginner car

Blackfoot-most popular 2wd monster truck

Clodbuster- most popular monster truck

TA-01- ushered in the era of touring cars

That being said , I'd pick the Sand Scorcher is the most iconic.

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The 2 Tamiya's I always wanted as the Fox & Super Shot.

Then I started racing with the Turbo Optima ( Choose over the Super Shot) & in hindsight it was a mistake.

Fox is just awesome for a 2wd and loved the looks.

Technically the Avante. What a marvell piece of engineering that thing is. The only one I have is the re re.

Oh the Frog was very good too. :):):):):):)

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