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My Hopped up DB01 Durga

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I just got them on an old overly blinged up db01 baldre i bought when building my perfekt db01. Saved a lot on tamiya hop ups and some from 3-rd party companies aswell. I dont know who makes the 12mm conversion, or even if they still exist to be had. The rears are wide and the fronts are super thin. An o ring holds the pin in place. Makes it so you can get a serrated wheelnut fully threaded on there but the threads wouldnt enter the rubber on normal wheelnuts. Sorry, thats all i know.


Thomas and Pippi=)

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On 4/1/2023 at 2:22 PM, Sprocket said:

Can you tell more about the 12mm hex conversion? Definitely interested 

There are Tamiya parts which are readily available. The axle is tapered, so you can drill out any normal alloy hex, or buy the Tamiya ones. I bought the Tamiya ones.

Tonys Tamiya Parts often has them and ship worldwide

Parts 54668 and 55669

This thread may be useful too



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