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Camel Trophy Land Rover Discovery

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$425 Shipped within the CONUS
I originally built this truck last fall. I sold it in September and then re-purchased it last month. I'd been itching to get it buttoned up.
Truck has under 2 hours on it.
Truck is RTR. Axial 2.4ghz radio setup
SCX10 Kit
HHBRXL Waterproof With TEKIN HD motor
Savox 1259 Titanium gear servo
Custom front bumper with brushbar and brush wires
Kamtec ABS Land Rover Body painted correct Camel Trophty Sandglow yellow NOT TAMIYA CAMEL YELLOW :lol:
Proline roof rack
Proline light bar
GMADE Beadlock wheels with RC4wd Trail Buster Tires (copy of Simex Jungle Trekkers)
Speedwiegland Oil pan
Also have a rear spare carrier to fit the body with a steelie and tire.
Interior is a Dingo interior panel.
Zillions of custom decals I made up (all on oracal Vinyl on pro equipment)
The passenger side rain gutter WILL BE reattached :)
Out of every build I have done, this body, by far, has the most time into it. Every window had to be cut as well as the grille and lights. The Headlights alone were a project LOL It looks like the truck will also be featured in one of the upcoming issues of Rovers Magazine from Rovers North. :D
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