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Bel Ray Bullet Build

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On 8/26/2020 at 9:36 AM, Mokei Kagaku said:

They are rare, but the Rough Rider was initially sold with this boxart, and when my cousin bought his Rough Rider in 1980, he got the "new" boxart, so by then, it was obviously already gone. I don't know for how long or in which volume the initial version was made,  but there are still some NIBs out there:



By the way, the "Now in Stock" posters always came with one poster in each carton of 4-5-6 kits (depending on kit size) to the dealers. I don't know if they still do as I stopped working in the business in 2000, but I wouldn't be surprised if these posters are still included. The distributors also got the same posters loose for the distribution to dealers.

I just checked my original box, bought around spring 1980, and it shows the bumper that was included in the kit (black) and the rear swing arm is the same as the kit. I am currently restoring it, plus I picked up a MKI rolling chassis and will restore that one when finished with the first.

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15 hours ago, casethejoint said:

Stunning. Better. late than never :)

I'm also about 2 years behind on mine :)

Thank you, I am looking forward to seeing yours.


No update on the buggy yet.

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