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NDF01 NIP parts sale

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Hi guys, I have a large amount of NIP spares to sell at cheap prices. I will do a good deal on a bulk purchase! Please check the part number guide in the manual for your model to make sure you get the right parts for your model.

7684011 FR15S backplate gasket (also suits TR15T) $2

51158 NDF01 S parts (upright) $5

51173 rear wheel hub shaft $5

51155 K parts front suspension mount $5

51156 L parts rear bulkhead $5
51153 D parts drive shaft $5

I have multiples of most of these items, I can get pics for you no problem, just let me know what you're after. Parts are located on the sunshine coast in Queensland Australia, pickup is great but shipping locally and overseas is no problem.

Cheers, Dave.

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