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Custom springs for FAV Aluminium Damper Set 84258 anyone?

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Hi there,

As soon as I got my FAV kit along with the FAV Aluminium Damper Set together, I noticed the incredible hard spring setup for the rear. I read a few similar comments in this forum and in general people switched to Frog shocks, but I wanted to make the set work.

After very little math and a lot of guess work, I've ordered some springs and found some that would be working well - but had to be cut down a little. Technically it's working well, but still bugs me to see those springs.

So, I contacted the manufacturer again and they would produce a batch of custom springs to my specifications, but in order to get the price down I would have to order 20 pieces.

I would love to go ahead and get some soft and medium springs done, but before I spend this kind of money I'd like to ask if there is some interest from other re-FAV/Wild One owners to buy the extra springs I won't need. My cost is about 10 Euro plus shipping (from Germany) for one spring and I don't any point to make a profit.

If I get enough people, I might consider getting them done


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