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super gripper

Brushed motor, esc, servo sale

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I am selling most of my brushed motors as they just sit around doing nothing.

I have two 19 turn spec motors (perfect for the DT02 mod class or DT03 class if you are planning on doing next years DT02 challenge) £5 each - SOLD


Acoms AS17 and one Acoms AS16 servo's £4 each, <<< Only a couple left <<<<

320 amp esc £5 (good for a sport turned) - SOLD


my last 2 DT02 chassis covers £6 each


A 21 turn Havoc stock motor and a (17 turn modified motor - SOLD) £5 each


2 huntersystems 27 turn fan motors £4 each


All packing is free, postage will be at cost (second class recorded)

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Hi there it's Leslie from France again

I d be interessted in a 19t motor and the esc and à servo

could you tell me How much I would owe you with post and package to France and I'll pay by paypal like Last time !

All the Best

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I would take 2 steering servos if you still have them. Could you please PM me with total cost (delivered to Glasgow).


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