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Tamiya TA02 Escort complete chassis and box, controller, 3 shells, box of extras

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Hi selling my TA02 Escort cosworth with a few extas on ebay;


Moving house so space and money desperately needed, unfortunately this has to go. I bought it all through ebay about 8/9 years ago. It was working fine the last time I used it but I haven't tested or even cleaned it because I know I'll want to keep it then. Complete with radio gear, transmitter and receiver, battery pack and charger. Chassis seems to be original TA02 Escort Cosworth with an ESC, MSC included too. Original manual and box, box has a tear on one side. Original wheels and tyres but wheels have been sprayed silver.

Extras are:

Escort Cosworth shell - has been badly painted, bashed at front crack in rear bumper and front arch. Original mirrors and 'whale tail' spoiler included.

Subaru Impreza WRX shell - not tamiya so post holes are a bit off, wheels line up, vgc with mirrors

Ford F150 Lightning shell - unsure if this is Tamiya but is good quality and all lines up. Paint job is very good, black bars for behind cab included

Chrome wheels with tyres - as new

Humvee / Ford ranger tyres - as new

Fast charger, not really sure what it is. Says 12v Teamline ProPeak Delta Peak fast charger, 6-7 cells 1300-1800mAh

If I come across anything else I'll include it.

£60 seems cheap for all this so don't miss out!

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Sorry I missed your cosworth, how's things in Norn iron, I would have been pleased to gather a new toy from home, it would have bin happy in Florida. Is the Capri yours looks like a clean one. Catch ya later.


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