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Free: Traxxas TRX-10 Bullet

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Update: Gone!

Earlier today I asked the community to help me identify a free buggy my wife's friend's husband sent my way. Now that I know it's a Traxxas TRX-10 Bullet, I've been doing some research and thinking about what I want to do with it.

Bottom line it was freely given to me, so I'm freely offering it to this community if anyone is really interested in giving it a good home. All I ask is you pay me for postage so I don't lose anything giving it away. Typical USA postage is $15-20, typical overseas postage is $48-60 depending on destination and weight. I can fine tune those numbers after someone claims it.

The box I received includes:

- TRX-10 Bullet chassis with full electronics installed, but no body or rollcage.

- Electronics include Traxxas 27 MHz AM transmitter and receiver, Traxxas 2013 servos, mechanical speed control and resistor bank, and Trinity Monster Horsepower brushed motor.

- Pro-Tech timer-based NiCd stick pack charger.

- A pair of 7-cell NiCd batteries; I assume these are dead. I intend to recycle these locally.

- A small bag with bits, bobs, and some random tools.

Pictures of the chassis are below. My own assessment regarding condition is:

- The front bumper, two of the roll bar eyelets, and the bottom of the chassis are scuffed a little bit, but the rest of the parts look pretty good except for some minor dirt. The tops of the damper stays are in pretty good shape, and the tops of the damper caps are in pretty good shape as well.

- There were a few loose screws in the top deck; when I went to tighten them down most of them tightened fine. A few feel loose in their plastic holes.

- The front knockoff wheel nuts have minor scuffs, but the rear knockoffs are in good condition.

- All of the dampers seem to move without binding, but I think they need a rebuild to replace swollen O-rings. Also, the spring collars probably need to be moved up as the suspension is preloaded too much; there chassis doesn't sag when placed on a table at all.

- The front wheels have bushing, not bearings in them.

- The steering binds a little in the middle of its travel. I think the steering servo may have stripped, or maybe something is weird with the linkage.

- The battery tray is missing one rubber spacer and nylon zip tie.

- The roll bars have oxidized and could use a good cleaning.

- The pinion gear seems a little worn, but the nylon gears outside the main case look reasonable.

- I didn't inspect the internal gears. It does have an internal gear diff; there's a little bit of slop but nothing too unusual.

- The front tires are very hard.

- The rear tires are Pro-Line Apaches; these do not look like the stock tires per the original pictures.

I did find a number of parts on eBay; it might make an ok restoration project for someone. I have enough of my own projects and don't really need this one.

First PM claiming it and agreeing to pay postage can have it.




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This is a very decent offer from you. I hope it goes to a good home.

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Confirmation once again that this is the finest RC community EVER.

Class act, Speedy.

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Speedy is the man. I just got it in the mail and it is excellent! I have plans. Evil, evil plans.

Well, maybe just make it nice and perhaps bring it to a few local vintage races. :)

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