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Collectors version of 'Tamiya Eurocup'

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Reading the comments about a possibility of a public display later this year, I thought next year why don't we have vintage race meetings around the country?

I belong to a model car club in Wiltshire, England (Website )and also being a member of the committee, I asked if Tamiya collectors are prepared to race, could the (Swindon) club hold a day of racing on-road and / or off-road. They aggreed if enough interest is taken.

The Swindon club don't own a purpose built track, but the tracks are good - the buggy track is on a football field and the touring car track is on an adjoining car park, both marked out with ropes and tyres. We also use an AMBrc lap counting system.

Possible classes to be raced are:-

(1) Special Racing Buggies i.e. RR, SS, XLT, SC

(2) 380 powered cars i.e. Grasshopper, HB

(3) Wild Willy's

(4) Pre 1990 Buggies i.e. Frogs

(5) 3 Speed Cars

The possibilities are endless so only about 4 different classes will be needed.

If anybody is interested for racing next summer or any more suggestions please contact me through my webpage or post comments on this forum.

Thanks for taking time to read this

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We shouldn't be using AMB for these retro things - bring back the clipboards and stopwatches!! icon_smile_big.gif

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