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If Tamiya Pinions are made of Cheese...

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Turnigy ones are made of...




This is in my 4wd Turnigy Buggy. I had bought a Kawada Pinion in anticipation of this happening, but alas it does not fit the shaft of the standard motor (2.30mm)


I'm at a loss as to what I can do with it. It's fantastic fun, just this evening it was hammering around the garden at stupid speed, but then this happened.

I have upgraded the spur to a steel item, as the standard gearing was just destroying the nylon spur, so after 2 replacements I got the 'upgrade'. Now, the opposite is happening - the pinion is toast after half a battery pack.

I can at this stage return it to standard and try to sell it on, cut my losses. But I think it serves a rightful place, being small, 4wd and blisteringly quick + not to mention hilarious fun. It just needs to be stronger!

Been through-

2x spurs (nylon)

1x pinion (today)

1x front knuckle

1x front suspension tower (upgraded to aluminium part)

1x steering servo (upgraded)

1x servo saver (upgraded to aluminium part)

1x rear dogbone (upgraded to swing shafts for Kyosho Mini Inferno)

Edit to add 1x front upper suspension arm cracked (replaced with aluminium part)

What would you do?

I'm thinking I could move it on to free up some space and raise some funds to finish other projects...but I could be one upgrade away from a reliable fun buggy!!

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Tamiya 19804535 will adapt a standard pinion to a 380 motor... This is used in the RM01 kits and should work for you. To be honest, the adapter looks like a short length of brass tubing; you might find something close enough at a local hobby shop or hardware store.

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I had a colleague who had two of these cars for his sons, he had the same problems, maybe even worse: He tried reinforced parts on the car (even aftermarket metal spur gears and stuff), but it either also broke down or it made something else wear down even quicker.

it may be a cheap car to buy but the quality is so @(*! that I think you're better off switching it for a car that doesn't break every time the wheels roll...

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Looks like the same model as the FTX Fury/Tirinity Now/IRC Photon. They are stupidly fast for their size which is probably why they break so easily. I have a bunch of spares if you need something still.

Mine is the FTX Fury which came with a Mamba brushless system - I had some problems with the spur gear too, but not as bad as you. I think one thing is to make sure the mesh is bang on...

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