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My Scornets/Sand Hoppers/Grass Scorchers

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Just thought I would share. I think one is a Grasshopper II, the other a Super Hornet. Both with the Parma Lexan body. The peach and white one has a Reedy Radon 30,000rpm, Super Rooster ESC, and 7 cell. The white, green, and blue one has a Team Orion 15T double, xl-5 ESC, and a 7 cell. Both perform similarly (very quick).






And here is a third one that is still in progress. I have to decide as far as what I am going to do as far as the body on this one. It has a Duratrax Photon2, old Futaba ESC, and a 7 cell. It is fun, but not nearly as fast as the two above as far as top speed.



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