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FOR SALE (Open to Offers): Ford Escort RS Cosworth Repsol Shell (not great condition)

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For sale is my Ford Escort RS Cosworth Repsol body-shell. Due to it's age, it's not in the best of conditions sadly.

For starters... most of the red paint at the rear of the shell has cracked off. Having bought a new can of the same colour, I discovered that the paint wasn't sticking to shell very well. Also, some of the orange paint is cracking off, which I "fixed" with some brighter orange... yeah, you can see it clearly.

I covered the rear of the shell in red electrical tape to hide the missing paint... doesn't look TOO terrible like that, lol. There is also some damage to the front right corner, which has been fixed with super glue. It was a valiant effort, doesn't look too bad. Some of the stickers, notably the stickers that make up the window surrounds, are peeling. The side lights, fog/indicator stickers and the lower grille are actually printouts of the original sticker sheet, covered with sellotape to make them glossy and attached with double-sided tape, and the lights are silver and red Sharpie.. but should come off easily with the correct cleaner.

There have been two additional holes drilled to allow it to fit on my TT-01 chassis, as well as the original TA-01 chassis.

That being said, it's not in bad condition. If you have the time and patience... and some major skills... there is no reason you couldn't bring this shell back to life, removing the paint with some solvent (such as non-acetone nail polish remover) and respray, or even respray the outside.

While I do not really want to sell, it's only going to get worse over time and I don't have the skills or money to refurbish it, so I'd like it to go to someone who can. At the moment, I'm open to offers. I know it's in pretty bad condition (just as it was when I bought it 5 years ago off eBay) but it's still a rare shell.. but not AS rare as those in better condition.









Thanks for looking, and for any interest you show!

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