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mini 4wd Starter Pack

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I have built quite a few of these Tamiya mini 4wd racers. When I saw this new starter pack from tamiya I couldn't wait to get my hands on it !

This kit is fantastic value for money considering what you get in the box.


On the side of the box we can see all the extra's (Tune Ups) you get :)


Inside the box this is what you get. (note you even get a little screwdriver as well as the usual spanner)


so on to the build - oh but first I added these to my build.


building ..... note I ball raced the spur gear too.


Gears in, axles in and the ballraces


the motor ready to go in the chassis


motor in chassis


wheels on and the carbon parts laid out ready


carbon parts on


rolllers and mass dampers on


the underneath all complete


body on - I have had this one ages and put it on the car, note the stickers are different to what's on the box but it is the same style of body.


I really enjoy building these little Tamiya mini 4wd racers, just a shame there is no where to race them.

(what this space :) )

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Always wondered about the detail behind those little guys. Cool write-up!

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