Franks builds, latest - Axial Wraith Jeep Wrangler 'True Fire' (with Wild Willy and Wild Wanda)

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11 hours ago, TurnipJF said:

"I didn't think you were into THAT sort of forum!"

Dr Frank N. Furter from Rocky Horror fame, then? :rolleyes:

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Chassis is pretty much done. Just need some tweaking on the steering. 






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That Fighting Willy is amazing! Also, Keep the pikapika Willy coming!

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For a update. Added some bling to the rollcage with some aluminium tape. And made the rollcage lights functional by adding some LEDs.
Did a lot of painting and getting close to painting the last details and adding the decals. Body is almost done. Just need to add the rest of the LED lightning set.
Then some last adjusting on the chassis and this one will be done.

More photos will follow asap.

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It has been quiet for some time in this topic. So let's change that. What's been  going on.

Well, yesterday I finaly finished the Bling Willy. Photos will be added in the next few days.
It has been busy times at work and also the Traxxas cars of my kids needed maintance. And got some upgrades. I rebuild and repaired all thee of them, added metal bearings where ever there were still bushings. And added some Traxxas aluminium hop ups and some RPM stronger nylon hop ups. Then came across a Traxxas Grave Digger for 70 euro and that profided some spare parts and a spare Grave Digger body as they are not for sale anymore. Than found a Traxxas Son uva Digger for even less money, well same story as the Grave Digger. But then I had 2 almost complete Traxxas chassis that could be a perfect start to build a Traxxas Stampede runner for myself and a Traxxas Stampede runner for my wife..... Oh dear, now I have 3 projects to finish at the same time. (And there are still 3 other Tamiya Monster Trucks waiting to be restored in some corner...) Both Stampedes are almost done, I will add some photos soon.

In the middle of all of that I also decided that it was no longer ideal to be building at the diner table. In the middle of your build every time removing everything and storing it again. It is easier if you can just walk away, leave everything as it is and start over again whenever you want, not bothering the family. So, I didn't  had to look far for a suitable RC workplace. My garage / mancave just needed some tweaking to add a perfect RC workbench.

This is how it looked before:


And using the workbenches I lowered the one on the left, made a new top on it. Bought some cheap Ikea cabinets and made the best of the space to get this:


Tool cabinet on the left, 3 Ikea Helmer drawer units on the right (for storage of RC parts) and a Ikea PS cabinet on the right for RC storage (and one more above the other workbench to storage 1:1 parts).
Then wanted something to store paint, so for the cans I made this from rain pipe:


And with some wood and plastic v rails and other things I had laying around made this for the paint bottles and other things:


Really pleased with it and the diner table is now again... well a diner table.


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And for tonight a small update. If you look back at page 2 in this topic you notice I made a workshop for the Willy pitcrew. But there was not much stock on the shelves. Well, solved that:




If you are wondering how to make it yourself. Some paint, some left over decals and some of these:

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So back to Bling Willy.

After the body got some primer, the pitcrew went on with painting the body with TS-75, Tamiya Champagne Gold as a backup coat to make the next color pop even more and make that one even brighter.
Then a coat of some TS-52, Tamiya Candy Lime Green paint was added. Finished of with a coat of TS-65 Pearl Clear to give the body some extra sparkle. In sunlight the body is really shiny and it worked out really well.  

Seat and steering wheel wrapped (painted) in leatherlook. And the pitcrew added some serious extra HP, so 3 NOS bottles went into the body. 
A Street Jam Chrome Grill Kit is added to ad more bling and to make led lights possible.



And offcourse we need a driver, in a shiny bling racesuit. So got that painted. Helmet is painted in the same colors as the body, only before the TS-65 went on.
I first spayed it with a leftover paint bottle I had. It is clear coated with green sparkles in it. The rest was some more paint for the face and helmet and soe decals to finish it off.
Body is done in several Tamiya colors and the shiny green color on the racesuit I mixed up myself. The stars on de body are painted and I added some green tape to outline them.
It was quite some work to get it done and took a lot of patience.




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Now attention went to the rollcage. I wanted to do something different.

Now how do I make it look like it is a chrome rollcage with black padding? I first tried some chrome paint, but that was not a succes.
It did not stick very well and the result was, well not chrome.
Then it hit me. Aluminium tape! It is strong, really thin and easy to apply.
It was some work to get it on, but I think the pitcrew did a amazing job.

Then what else can we do. Mmmm, what about some led lights in the rollcage light pods?
So with some adjustments that's what we did. Drilled some holes.



I'm gonna fill the holes with some round clear leftover sprue that I'm gonna paint red. This way the LED does not only light to the front, but also to the back. So front and rear lightning in one.
You can see the end result of how I did this in later photos.




A better view of the "chromed" rollcage and. I drilled more holes in the pods and fitted the LEDs. Painted the insight of the pods with some alumium paint to add a light reflected coat.



Then made some more adjustments.





Gonna finish the pods with a Hella decal.


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With just about everything done I added decals to the body and started with the LED kit.
Painted the lettering on the tyres and added some decals to the tyres.


And the body got a Active Hobby STR268 Aluminum Rear Tube Bumper and also the Active Hobby STR274 kit for the sides.


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So, there you have it. I present you Bling Willy.

The Willys pitcrew finished another build. I hope you like it, I sure do. It took a really long time to finish, almost 1 1/2 years.
First of all because a lot of the hop up and decals parts took quite some time to be shipped to me.  But also because other projects kept backing this one up in the que.

Parts list. GPM Racing Products profided the aluminium front and rear shock towers, the aluminium front/rear adjustable dampers and the aluminium wheelie bar. Aluminium bumpers are from Active Hobby. Further a full set of rubber sealed metal bearings is used, a new set of wheels and tyres and original chrome parts. New body and a new Wild Willy.  For the electronics. It is running a Torque Tuned engine, a FlySky receiver and a Hobbywing Quickrun 1060 ESC. Hobbyking Turnigy led kit.






















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I always fancied a WW, never got one until the WW2 then built it to standard spec used it a couple of times in the garden got bored with RC so sold it on. Since then been in and out of the hobby a couple of times. I have lunchbox that is going into its third colour of paint having been pulled out of the loft last week. My Scania needs finishing. But I am looking for another project. Yours have inspired me, love the WW garage.  

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Thanks essexbill. A Lunchbox is also a nice wheely machine. Is on my Tamiya wanted list.

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I just noticed the tamico box. My #1 shop! But I'm not entirely sure about the body...I would have opted for a chrome or gold body or a classic matte camo paintjob as a contrast to the bling beneath it.

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Body has some gold in it, green paint is backed up with some Tamiya TS-75 Champagne Gold (to make the green pop more). :P 

I did think of getting a chrome body, but it is kinda hard too get. Also, that might be a bit too much chrome. I went for the bright green to make al the chrome and aluminium parts stand out more. 
As for the classic matte camo paintjob, thats already reserved for the next build. :D

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The pitcrew and I have been busy lately with the 2wd Traxxas cars of my kids. They needed maintaince and we added upgrades to make them more bashproof.
And I bought a spare Traxxas Grave Digger and a spare Traxxas Son uva Digger and useds those to make two 2wd Traxxas Stampedes. One for my wife and one for myself. 
Recent upgrades on all cars include upgrade from NiMh to 2S LiPo battery, updated spur gear and pinion, rubber sealed bearings, Traxxas TRX aluminium shock caps, titanium coated shock shafts, rebuild shocks, thicker shock oil, RPM shock shaft guards, T-bone servo guard, a waterproof 20kg Power HD LW-20MG servo, RPM front and rear  bearing carriers and Traxxas TRX aluminum caster blocks. And all got a LED light kit if that was not already on there, I meshed the engine wires and a RPM engine guard was added.  

All cars also have a wheelie bar, a brushless system and a Flysky receiver. 

As they are no Tamiyas, I will keep it short and just add some links to my showroom if you like to see them. 

Here is a overview of all 5:

The Traxxas Rustler of my oldest son Tom:

and how it looks after a new body, the upgrades and some new wheels (Louise ST-Uphill)

The Traxxas Grave Digger of my middlest son Daan:

Youngest Son Nicks Traxxas Son uva Digger, which now also has a Bigfoot body. 

I built myself a green Traxxas Stampede, this one started out as a spare Grave Digger. Extra updates are a Traxxas TRX aluminum wheelie bar wheels, RPM Slash front bumper with RPM light pods, RPM Slash rear lights and RPM arms front and rear. And Proline Trencher wheels.


For my wife I started out with a second hand bought Traxxas Son uva Digger. Body and al blue parts went into the spare box. And I build here this pink Traxxas Stampede. Wheels are Louise MT-Pioneers.

So the Willys pitcrew have had busy times in the garage. 


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It has been quite a while since I updated this topic. Not that I was out of RC, I've been pretty busy building. So after I finished Bling Willy I had to update all our Traxxas cars as you can read above.

I was than planning on building another Wild Willy 2, but a opportunity came along and I first started several other builds. The thing is I wanted to have a crawler or scale trailer for a long while. And then a really cheap second hand Axial Wraith was offered in a Facebook group. And I bought it. And after that I bought a MST CFX kit thats on the project shelf with a Tamiya Pajero body and a very special and rare Wild Willy driver....  I also bought a Traxxas TRX-4 Defender and a Traxxas TRX-4 Bronco..... And still with plans to build another Wild Willy and to restore my Clod Buster, I sure have enough projects laying around. Now I get back to the MST and TRX-4s later, but for now lets show you what I did with the Axial Wraith. Offcourse I had to do something with it to incorporate some sort of Tamiya in it, and a Wild Willy is offcourse a perfect driver for it.

So, let's get started.


Axial Wraith Jeep Wrangler 'True Fire' (with Wild Willy and Wild Wanda)

I came across this Axial Wraith as a second hand one in a Facebook RC Group, where the previous owner was selling it. It already had some orange alumium upgrades, but also had some flawes. Price was very right and so I bought it. Then took it apart completly and totaly rebuild it with a new theme. Offcourse Wild Willy had to be the driver, and he sure can use a co-driver. So along came Wild Wanda. 

This has been a long project and not much is left of the original bought second hand Wraith. I replaced a lot and also added a lot. I added a new body, a skin wrap, lightning, new interior, modded the dash and added interior lights. The boot part was part of a contest on a Dutch RC Crawler and scale forum and I won the contest. Wild Wanda is made from a Wild Willy and both drivers have animated heads. Lots of 3D printed parts. Battery relocated to the front. The list goes on and on.

The list of upgrades is pretty much the following:
- Second hand Axial Wraith (kit version)
- FastEddy Bearings Sealed Bearing Kit For Axial Wraith
- Axial Jeep Wrangler Wraith-Poison Spyder body
- Axial Wraith Jeep Poison decal set and a Axial Wraith decal set
- Axial Wraith Jeep Body sKinz Painted True Fire + Race Day Accent Packz
- Xtra Speed Interior Accessory For Axial Wraith
- Axial Wraith Corbeau LG1 Seat grey sets
- Shapeways Knight Customs AW10001 Wraith ANGRY eye grill & mount
- Shapeways Knight Customs AJ40011 Halo Light Bucket Set
- Shapeways Knight Customs AJ10056 JK Grill Light Lens Set
- Shapeways RC Scaler Button Box Type3 - 1/10
- Shapeways RC Scaler Button Box Type 2 - 1/10
- Shapeways VS Customs 1/10 SCALE RACEPAK DISPLAY
- Shapeways VS Customs 1/10 SCALE RACEPAK SCREEN
- LED Mini Digital Voltage Meter
- Front Windshield for Axial Wraith
- RC4WD Inner Fender Set Axial Wraith
- 2x Hobbyking Scale Car LED Light system
- 2x 1/10 orange scale racing seat belt
- Dinky RC Wraith 'drop Box'
- Dinky RC Wraith Roof V5 'StarLitt'
- Boom Racing Boomerang Type I Aluminum Internal Shocks Set 110MM (2) Orange 
- Axial orange Wraith Aluminum Chassis Linkage 
- Axial Wraith Aluminum Rear Axle Lock-Out orange
- Axial Wraith Aluminum Upper Linkage orange
- KYX Metal front bumper with led light
- RC4WD Warn winch with remote
- 4x AXSPEED silver Beadlock wheels 2.2 inch for 1/10 RC Rock Crawler
- Rock Crawler Wheel Weights for 2.2 wheels
- ProLine Hyrax 2.2 G8 tires
- Hobbywing QuicRun WP-1080 
- Holmes Hobbies TorqueMaster EXPERT 540 35T motor
- Castle - CC Bec 10A 
- Power HD WP-23KG servo
- Poison Spyder Bombshell Diff Cover Axial Wraith front and rear)

It is a joy to drive and does very well as a crawler and trailer. Let's start with the foto's in my next reply. 

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This is as I bought it second hand:


Started to take it apart as I thought there was a lot of room for improvement.



80T Carson Truck motor, not really the best for this crawler.


All new bearings and everything rebuild from the ground up.





Power HD 23kg servo.


Rebuilding with a Holmes Hobby Torquemaster 35T motor.


More goodies.


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I used a Dinky RC Wraith 'drop Box'. 


RC4WD inner fenders.


3D printed front battery plate and a new Xtra Speed Interior.



Made a fuel cell from styrene.  Recognise a part I incorporated? 


Yes thats a Wild Willy body part.

Lot's of 3D printed parts and some styrene parts.


Making sleeping bags out of vilt.


And more scale parts.



One of 2 light controlers. Now you see it.


Now you don't.


The above piece has been entered in a competition on a Dutch RC crawler and scale forum. It was a mini build and you were supposed to build some scale part. 
And I won. 

Moving on, the end look. 


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Added some padding and a 3D printed fire extinguisher.


AXSPEED Zilver Beadlock wheels 2.2 inch for 1/10 RC Rock Crawler, Rock Crawler Wheel Weights and ProLine Hyrax 2.2 G8 tires.



More work on the interior. Another Wild Willy part used ;). 


Getting there. And yes, that's a Wild Willy steering wheel.


And what is a build without a Wild Willy NOS bottle.


Now we need some drivers. Let's start with 2 Wild Willys. 1 is going on a diet and is changing gender.


With a heatgun I make them fit a bit better in the seats, but also give them a narrower waist. And I relocate the legs of one of them.


Some more changes.


Prepairing the heads.


Test fitting. More heatgun adjustments to the arms and legs. 


Testing the animated head.

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