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Problems wiring up a NEO SCORCHER

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I have spent the last few weeks building my first (if you exclude a simple Buggy 30 years ago) RC car - a NEO SCORCHER

So far - things have gone reasonably smoothly

But now - I find Tamiya instructions, somewhat lacking

I am stuck with the wiring up of the ESC and Motor

The (stock, Tamiya) ESC has three cables from/to it - Coloured Yellow, Blue and Orange

The motor has Green and Yellow connections

The instructions state ESC should have Red, Orange, Yellow - connected to Yellow/Red on the motor

And Black, Blue - connected to Green/Black on the motor

So I am guessing that I need to connect

Yellow to Yellow

and Blue to Green

This leaves Orange from the ESC with no connection ?

Please help me - before I go insane .........(er) !!

Also - is there not supposed to be a tube in the kit to hold the aerial wire up in the air ?

Mine does not come with one !!


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Yep got it right sofar. You probably have the TBL02. Guess from your post the motor doesnt run? You need to adjust the setup of the ESC so it will run in 'brushed' mode. This is discribed in the leaflet but is a bit of a pain to do but doable.

Antenna tubes are getting out of fashion. Most are using 2.4 GHz and those receiver have either an internal or a short antenna.

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I have not even tried the motor yet - I am trying to finish building it first !!

I am using 2.4Ghz and the ESC is a "brushless 025"

What do I do with the spare (orange) lead ?

cut it off ?

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