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This was my first kit in getting back into R/C. I bought a WT-01N Amarok Custom Lift, because I happen to love VW related vehicles. I didn't really know much about any chassis related things when I bought the kit only to find out that this was the "narrow" version of the WT-01 chassis which wouldn't suit what I had in mind for the truck.

I went ahead and bought the corresponding "wider stance" related items I needed from Blackfoot 3 parts.

Here are the list of things in the truck.

1. Hobbywing XERun Stock Spec v3.1 ESC

2. SkyRC Ares Pro 10.5T brushless motor

3. Blackfoot 3 control arms, drive shaft, etc.

4. Aluminum shock towers

5. Aluminum dampers

6. Tamiya 20T pinion

The truck is now super fun to drive while being stable as well at speed.








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A fine-looking truck with a sensible selection of hop-ups. Nicely done!

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