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Mokei Kagaku

FS: Lots of CRP, Thorp and JG parts for Tamiya SRB.

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Lots of unused CRP, Thorp and JG part for the Tamiya SRB-chassis (and some other models) for sale.

Most parts are without the original packaging, but were never installed and are basically in "as new" condition. Some scuff marks and similar "shelf wear" possible due to high age. Will of course send pics on request so you know the exact condition of what you get!

- Aluminum roll-cages

- Aluminum rear cages

- Aluminum roof and front rollbar for single seater buggy bodies (ie. Rough Rider). (Requires the use of aluminum roll-cage)

- Aluminum nerf bars for stock SRB chassis.

- Aluminum nerf bars for SRB's with butterfly chassis

- Coilovers for original shocks

- Coilovers for red 1/8 Kyosho shocks

- Rebuild kits for original dampers

- Front stabilizers for original SRB front suspension

- Front stabilizers for widened SRB front suspension

- Rear stabilizers for CRP roll Cage.

- Rear damper brackets for mounting 1/8 dampers on CRP roll cage

- Extensions for front damper tower

- Butterfly chassises

- Chassis lowering plates

- Ball diffs

- Gold anodized aluminum outer wheels for Holiday Buggy tires

- Silver anodized aluminum outer wheels for Holiday Buggy tires

- Steering kits

- Servo mounts

- Wide and hardened tubes for front suspension (Gold anodized, but possibly also some silver anodized)

- Hardened tubes for stock front suspension (Gold anodized)

- Hardened steel rear wheel shafts with aluminum hubs for mounting Holiday Buggy wheels

- Kydex bumpers for wider front suspension

- Alternative Ratio 48dp spur gears with hubs.

- And more.

Send me a PM if interested in any of the listed items or if you're searching for CRP, Thorp or JG parts not listed. (don't have much of anything else than parts for the SRB-chassis though!)

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Out of interest, how much would a butterfly chassis be? I searched far and wide a few years ago and never came close to getting one!

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Will16; As the chassises I have are without the original packaging (plastic bag and Header) and may not be in absolutely "as new" condition although they've never been used, I think EUR50.00 a piece would be a fair price. My CRP parts have been stored for about 25-30 years and I'm about to unpack everything now, so I will check the actual condition and post pics if you like.

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