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*SOLD* 79' SRB/Rough Rider Parts Car or Restoration Candidate Shed Find ($65 +shipping or trade)

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I have found an original SRB! It was found dismantled in a shed at an estate sale, looks to be about 90% complete in terms of parts. The odd thing is that the gearbox seems to have some sort of glue sealing it, not much so opening it shouldn't be a difficult task. Would make a fantastic parts car or candidate for restoration.

I found the electronics in a separate box, but unfortunately the wires seem to have been clipped. Unfortunate, but they are included if you would like to re-solder or rewire them. Bearings are also included for those that want to make this a running model. As expected the gearbox will need to be shimmed since it has clearly been sitting for a while.

I have attached some pictures, and the rear dampeners and the pinion are included, they are just hidden in the chassis tub.

Here are the image links:



Willing to let it go for 65$ plus shipping or trade for re-re kits or kyosho mini z optima, show us what you have to offer.

The buyer will be responsible for the cost of shipping. I am located in the USA so shipping within the states shouldn't be to much since in this dismantled state it should fit in a large flat rate box. I always ship with a tracking number if possible. I am willing to ship the item out of country/over seas for my UK friends but the buyer will still be responsible for shipping costs. If a trade is made, we will each pay for the shipping of our own piece and we will provide tracking numbers. Otherwise, payments are to be made via paypal only.

So let me know what you guys think, at this time not willing to part it out, if nothing happens here I'll just hold on to her.

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Arrived today and all in good order! Thanks for a great deal and welcome to Tamiyaclub!

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I tend to be a great source for bargains. Next sale won't be for a bit, but I always offer good deals ;)

Bargain of the year i think - great buy Meakz

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