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Vintage Blackfoot Wheels on a Blackfoot 3 Dual Motor Runner

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Hi guys - for a while and over a few different threads I've been working on various aspects of a Blackfoot 3 runner for my 5yo son Oliver. It's got the dual motor conversion and have gone with the classic look for it and I think it's come out great. Especially when it's running around outside it really looks quite a bit like the original Blackfoot.

To add to the vintage charm I wanted to figure out how to mount vintage wheels onto it. There were some challenges that I detail in this showroom entry I just posted for it: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=128320

Go check it out, and I'll post up the pics below as well. If it weren't for the stability benefits as a runner for a 5yo of the extra wide stance I'd definitely use the Amarok suspension conversion which I think would really make the result look great. However, as it is I think it still looks good and it dang near impossible to roll.









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