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FS: VERY RARE Ta02 / Top Force / Rm01 Parts lot

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Thank you all The list is over for now Thanks again


I have for sale some rare (i think so) parts which you can see in the following photos. But first a few things about this sale because is, i think, a somehow big one.

Reshaped the lots some numbers are gone Sale still valid for a few days

  • shipping is included in the prices
  • the parts are separated in numbered lots (not sold separately unless this is mentioned). if you like something ( and is still available - Please see the other Tamiyaclub members posts for availability) i will try to keep the post updated just write in this post " i want the number ...". NO PMs in order to keep this sale clear for everyone. if you have questions just pick your number and then ask your questions.If you are not satisfied with the answers i will cancel your order.( you can send me pm only for shipping addresses or my Paypal email and things like these after you have choosed here a number)
  • Any number cancelled without photos means that payment is already done for this part and is not any more available.If a number is chosen and there is still his photo means that payment is not done but i am still waiting for this and the sale is still valid for the member who first take it.If anything changes for this type of sale (without the payment0 there will be a notice
  • as there are many parts i want your patience about shipping because you understand that i can't go every day in the post office
  • shipping worldwide at least where is available through the Greek post office
  • prices are fixed ( and i think, personal opinion, fair enough)
  • Paypal only (please use Paypal balance or bank account money - with credit/debit etc cards Paypal has 3.4%+0.35 fee which is not included in these prices,so the fees must be paid by you otherwise the sale is NOT VALID )
  • please read carefully what is written about every lot. these are all new unused parts unless is stated differently
  • what you see in the photos is what you get
  • some photos are upside down. i tried to rotate them in photobucket but it doesn't seem to work (for me)

I hope i didn't forget anything

Thank you all and forgive me for my poor English i am doing my best

Number 1: NIB 53166 4WD/FWD Chassis set 165usd

Number 2: First Top Force Parts Lot 260usd

the lexan body is a reproduction . all the rest is Tamiya and are new unused


Number 3: 53100 Top Force Carbon Chassis Graphite Chassis Set 95usd

Number 6: second Top Force Parts Set 220usd

the lexan body is a reproduction. all the rest is Tamiya and new unused

Number 7: Top Force J-Parts 30usd each (Sold also separately)

Number 9: NIP Rm-01 NIP Martini Porsche 936 body 85usd

Number 10: Yeah Racing Aluminum blue parts 30usd (the parts can be used with Ta02 or Top Force.The shaft is the long one for Top Force only)

Number 11: Ta02 Parts: The following sold together 115usd

Part lot 1:53226 Aluminum C-Hubs 60usd

Part lot 2: Ta02 parts 70usd

The parts in the white paper are from a shelf queen

Number 14: Plastic Parts 15usd (The 2 big parts ,the gear cases have threaded only the chassis screws pockets not the gear covers everything else is unused)

Number 15: Ta02 Racing Parts from Tamiya 58157 145usd

Number 16: Silver Aluminum parts 25usd These are from ebay seller : rcDamper good for ta02 and top force

Number 17: From DF02 Chassis but if i am not wrong can be used for Top Force 30usd

Number 18: 53188 Cross Country Splitter Set (again if i am not wrong these are for CC-01 Chassis) 12usd

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I would like number 15 please


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Number 3 and both number 7's for me please. Pm Me payment info

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I will also take Number 3: 53100 Top Force Carbon Chassis Graphite Chassis Set and number 1 NIB 53166 4WD / FWD Chassis set also if the previous deals do not go through.



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I made a notice in the original post in the Paypal sector about fees for which i wasn't aware of

So you have to consider this making your payments

Sorry if this creates any problems

If anyone wants to cancel his order because of this just send me a pm

Thank you

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Re shaped the lots and some numbers are gone Sale still valid for a few days

Thank You

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Just reporting that my parts came today. Great condition and reasonable shipping time.

Thank you!

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