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CC01 49490 Pajero built by an on-road racer

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Radshape have a car trailer as one of their upcoming releases...

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I'm actually looking at the Xtraspeed trailer they have here on RC-Mart. It's well within budget, comes with lights already installed, and it looks quite good! I'm curious if it might be a bit on the large side, but then again car trailer in real life can be quite large too. 

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Guys, I made a thing from scratch! :D

I wanted to make a tow bar mount, and when looking online I saw many 1:1 scale trucks equipped with a receiver for a tow hitch instead of having the whole assembly bolted to the chassis. For me this worked far better, as I don't have a trailer yet (soon!), and I'll probably end up having a few trailers, all with different coupler heights. 

While at my job I was near one of the largest Tamiya shops in the area. Or at least, they were, the owner said that there was 0 profit to be had in RC kits, so he resorted to selling RTRs, boats and many plastic kits. I picked up a resistor for my wife's sewing machine, along with some brass tubing and stock.

Now I've never soldered brass together, but I figured there's a first time for everything, right? I mocked up a design in cardboard, and set to work.

A few hours of faffing around later:

It's not pretty.... But it feels sturdy enough, and when it's installed you can barely tell it's there anyway. image.jpegimage.jpeg

Of course I I had to hide it a bit, so out came the primer and the off-brand flat black. Right now the paint is curing, tomorrow I'll install it and show you some more pics.


(And yes, it looks WAY better when painted :) )

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*Blows dust off of thread*

Right, more than one year later, and this car is still kicking around! Out of all the cars in my collection I think this accumulates miles the quickest, as I take this thing around on a good (2+ hour) walk just about every other week. 

Since then I've changed a few things, starting with a 3rd-channel on/off switch for the lights. I've stuffed all that in the receiver box in the rear...
... so it's getting a bit crowded in there!

Also, I've replaced the rather fake-looking rear tire cover with an actual rear wheel, using an adapter from Shapeways.

It doesn't really help with an already ***-heavy CC01, but it certainly looks the part! @chevelle sold me the rear wheel, it's an almost exact copy of the Tamiya wheel and tire under the Pajero, but made from surprisingly tough plastic instead of rubber. Doesn't matter, it still looks great! (Also, it not having a lot of grip might help should it ever get caught on something while offroading)

After a year of being drug through the worst of what nature has to offer around here didn't help much for the state of the printed license plates. A quick trip to the 1:10th scale Japanese Department of Scale Motor Vehicles later, and I got new plates. 


Still registered in Shizuoka, but with a different (and more correct) combination. Also, these I covered in clear packing tape before cutting them out. See if that helps a bit with their waterproof-ness. I guess we'll find out in a year's time! :D

I also changed out the rear suspension with Junfac's excellent 4-link kit. While it's not directly visible it does help with the amount of flex the car has. I'll take some pics tonight. I made a set of lift blocks for the rear shocks, as the shock eyelets included with Junfac's kit are a bit shorter than Tamiya's, lowering the rear. I've lifted the rear up using 5mm blocks, and the car sits nice and level again.

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As promised, a picture of the underside. The Junfac kit comes with a metal skid plate covering the transmission bump. This actually lowers the ride height a bit, but should help with twigs and other muck getting hung up on that bit of the chassis. Also, less wandering rear axle means more sure-footedness, which is always a good thing. :)


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Well, that project was on the table for at least 6 months...




Pro-tip for anyone doing this at home; do NOT do this after you've completely finished the body. There's nothing more nerve-wrecking than drilling a bunch of holes, then Dremel'ing them out, followed by a bunch of filing to get the lenses to fit on an already painted body shell.

And a shot of the front, to prove it's actually completely lit up:


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So do I still use this thing? Yes, I certainly do!


We've recently 'discovered' a bunch of new trails in our nearby forest, and we've been taking full advantage of it. It's a good mix of what you see above combined with sandy trails, and the occasional climbing over tree roots and such. 

A full walk is usually about 2+ hours, and I bring along 2 3000mAh NiMH batteries. One lasts for about an hour and a half, and then I swap to the other which lasts me the rest of the walk. Afterwards, the car is just a bit dusty:




Of course this is easily cleaned off. So; things I've changed over the years from stock:
- Steel pinion
- New gear set as the fine sand ruined the old gear set over time
- Junfac 4-link set. This alone made SO MUCH difference in the car!
- New chassis. Not because I broke the old one, but a battery exploded during a run and melt it.
- Tie-wrap around the stock servo saver. Low-budget way to make sure the saver doesn't snap and leave me stranded.
- Different tires. I hate their looks, but love the performance. Torn!


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