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Vintage Tamiya Bigwig Hotshot Sand Scorcher Clodbuster NIB Wheels 50293 50121
  • NIP Bigwig Moon Craft Wheels P/N 5293 50293
    • For Models: Bigwig (58057)
  • NIB Sand Scorcher Front Wheel + Tire Set P/N 5121 50121
    • For Models: Sand Scorcher (58016), Frog (58041), Hornet (58045), Grasshopper (58043)
  • NIP Hotshot / Supershot Gold Plated Wheels P/N 266 50266
    • For Models: Hotshot (58047), Supershot (58054)
  • NIP Grasshopper II (Super G) Front Day Glow Wheel Set (Yellow) P/N 49022
    • For Models: Grasshopper II Super G (49501), Grasshopper II Super G (92018), Grasshopper II (58074), Fox (58051), Wild One (58050)
  • NIP Super Hornet Front Day Glow Wheel Set (Orange) P/N 0445495
    • For Models: Super Hornet (58124)Grasshopper II (58074), Fox (58051), Wild One (58050)
  •  NOS Original White Clod Buster Wheels P/N 0555026
    • For Models: Clod Buster (58065), Bullhead (58089)



Price dropped to $120.  $20 more than the last set of Moon Crafts alone that sold on ebay went for...


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