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Haven't been able to find a guide on directions to RC shops in Tokyo/Osaka, so I decided its about time to write about them here. I don't usually buy much, as the friendly lady from my LHS in Singapore can bring in anything I want anyways, and I don't have to lug it back on the plane. But just visiting the shops are pretty much an eye-opener.

I've visited Tokyo and Osaka 5-6 times in the last 3 years, and will still be going for years to come.

I usually visit during the end May/early June period where Disneyland is low season so that the kids can have fun and the weather isn't too cold. Between Disneyland and DisneySea, definitely DisneySea for me!

Firstly, general tips:

1. Most Japanese do not speak English, much less Spanish or German. But they are extremely courteous and go out of their way to help. Google Translate is your friend. Most major road signs have English.

2. Shopping over 5000 yen(pre-tax) in 1 receipt, enables one to have tax-free rebate. You need to show them your passport and let them photocopy it. The rebate is on the spot. Both Super Rajikon and RC Champ are tax-free. Futaba Sangyo is not(as of Feb 2016)

3. Directions are easiest with Google Maps. You can almost ignore this guide if you have roaming and Google Maps turned on, or if you have preloaded everything with wi-fi.

4. Almost all subways have free Wi-fi, but the coverage can be patchy.

5. Before you travel, get a PASMO/SUICA card, available at any station. The card vending machine has an English language setting. Its a stored value touch-card which you can use on buses and subway. In general, the subway alone is enough. Taxis are expensive. A single ride could cost anywhere from an Avante Jr to an Avante 58072 depending on the distance, just in Tokyo/Greater Tokyo alone.


RC Shops

The 2 biggest RC shops in Japan are RC Champ and Super Rajikon. They stock the latest kits, and turnover is very fast. They also have a website with a listing of their current stocks. Visiting their physical store gives you the same pricing, and in some instances a better price than the online list price. Their prices are almost the same. RC Champ web prices do not include sales tax, while Super Rajikon's ones have 8% sales tax added. As a foreigner, you would thus want to subtract 8% off what Super Rajikon lists. The smaller shops are usually a few dollars more expensive, but you may be able to find older stocks there as well.

Between Tokyo and Osaka, my vote has to go to the shops in Osaka. Way larger!



The key subway station is Suehirocho. Its on the Ginza Line(G14). Depending on which direction you travel from, you will alight on different sides of the street Chuo Dori at ground level. One side has a McDonald's. The other side houses the Tam Tam Building. Tam Tam has RC stuff, but its pretty limited. RC stuff is on the 4th or 5th floor(can't recall). They sell many static models, figurines and military hobbyist equipment.

RC Champ(opening hours 11am-9pm daily, 11am-8pm on Sundays and PH, may sometimes close the day after a major national holiday): After getting out from Suehirocho station, get to the the Tam Tam building(cross Chuo Dori if needed) which is at the junction of Chuo Dori and Kuramae-bashi Dori. Then walk along Kuramae-bashi Dori(Orientation of direction: Tam Tam building on your right). After 50-80 metres walk down Kuramae-Bashi Dori, you will reach the intersection with Tsumakoi-zaka Hill. Here you turn right along Tsumakoi-zaka Hill. RC Champ is on your right, 30 metres down.

Super Rajikon(opening hours, 11am-9pm daily, 10am-8pm on Sundays and PH): Retrace your steps from RC Champ back to Tam Tam building. This time, Tam Tam is on your left. Continue walking down Kuramae-Bashi Dori(its a very long street). 150m down, you will walk under a metal bridge with a yellow-signed 24H Hanamasa Prospec Discount Supermarket on your right, across the road(stuff inside is very cheap!). Continue walking straight along Kuramae-Bashi Dori until you reach the intersection of Kuramae-Bashi Dori and Showa-Dori. You want to walk past the concrete bridge that runs above the middle of Showa-Dori and reach the far side before turning right along Showa-Dori. Look for the Daily Yamazaki Minimart---Super Rajikon is in the nondescript building just before it, on the second floor. You should also see an easily-missed sign on the pathwalk in japanese but with the English words 2F - RC.

Alternative route of getting to Super Rajikon is via the Akihabara Station---just take to Akihabara, follow the road directions to Showa-Dori, cross to the far side of Showa-Dori and head left along Showa-Dori this time---with the shop now on your right instead about 150m down.


Having issues posting pictures---will try later. Directions for RC Champ and Super Rajikon Osaka later when I find the pictures!

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This is fantastic info . Also should help people out finding stores .  Maybe this should be done for all countrys ?. 

Great idea  & info to help  " huasze " ..

Thanks . 

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You need Photobucket or alike , to post pic's . 

That's the easy way to do it . 

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As I just came back from a short trip to Tokyo, here are some impressions from the shops mentioned above

RC Champ:





Super Rajikon:






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Opposite Tam Tam




Junction of Kuramae-bashi Dori and Tsumakoi-Zaka Hill




Junction of Showa Dori and Kuramae-bashi Dori 


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Just visited Super Rajikon, in Osaka.

Awesome shop with heaps of parts for all RC cars/helicopters/planes etc ...

I bought many kyosho parts as the RE-RE tamiya parts are mainly ordered in.

Take your passport as you get 8% off.

I caught a train from Kansai airport to namba station approx 55mins.

Then a 12min walk from Namba station to the shop.(very easy)

What i found ,the staff were super helpful,downloading and even printed parts lists out.

There is even a washroom there to use!

Here are some photos ,I have heaps more but for some reason it's been an absolute pain to put anymore on,i gave up.





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