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Ok guys and gals, I'm after some advice... I'm looking to get back into the hobby after 20years.. 
In that time I've owned a Dark Impact and a TT-01 as toys.. But now I want to get back running something that can take a bash, run across multiple surfaces and has a wide range of hopups.. 
So things to consider, 
Cost, I'm not made of money.. No great funds to outlay in the first instance.
Hop ups, I'd like something I can build, take apart, re build, modify, make fun.
Durability, I have kids who will want to play.
Ability, I want to run across various surfaces, mainly grass and mud, but the odd carpark and Tarmac'd area will be seen too
Must run electric, the noise of the Nitro's/petrol will drive me mad.
A buggy not a car, I had more fun with the Dark Impact than the TT-01.
Not a beginners buggy.

With those in mind I looked at buggy's and settled on the DB-01.. Reading reviews it seems the next step up from the Dark Impact without the high initial costs of the TRF or high end buggy's.. I'm likely to crash.. 

So to the DB-01... Looking around second am hand models seem few and far between, so looking at new kits, £220 ish.. Ok not to bad, but knowing I want to fully hop up, and run brushless and potentially LiPos my next question is don't look for a DB-01, DB-01R, DB-01RR, DB-01RRR or buy all the parts separately taking my time building up my car, know it inside and out and have exactly the set up I want without a pile of unused plastic parts and empty Hop up wrappers.. 
I'm not worried about having a running car over night, but want to enjoy the build, setting up, tweaking and then running and doing it all over again! 

What's everybody's opinion.. Have I gone down the wrong route with the DB-01? 
Am I coming at the whole thing wrong? Have I missed something out? 

Over to you! 

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Welcome to TC.

Your topic is very similar to another DB01 thread we had recently -- Lawsy was asking about the DB01 as well:  http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/80159-db01-only-the-essentials-build-decisions/

Grass puts extra load on an RC, and 1/10 buggies can get stuck depending how tall it is.  The DB01 is right at home on dirt and tarmac.  Maybe you want a truck with more ground clearance?

If you do go with a DB01, the cheaper route for a hopped up buggy over the long haul is to get one of the RR/RRR kits.  Buying the hopups individually to get to a fully hopped up state will cost you nearly double and you'll have a lot of unused parts.

Having the kids drive is a big factor too.  They're going to hit stuff.  I'd hate to have a fully hopped up buggy hit the curb or a brick wall.  To me "fully hopped up" doesn't mix with kids driving it in a bashing/play environment.  I'd take Lawsy's approach and only do the minimum to make it robust.


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