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F/S Tamiya TA03 F/S , R/S FRP Chassis Set + Extras

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Totally forgot I even had this, but going through some R/C stuff etc and found it. As can be seen its a used set of FRP chassis plates for the shorter TA03F/S,R/S chassis cars, along with almost everything for the conversion. I will also include the plastic parts that the steering arms attach to (it is currently on a shelf queen) and also the lower gearbox plate for the R/S chassis (not pictured as its currently being cleaned and degreased) . Also included is a Tamiya aluminium 15T pulley for the TA03 and some sort of after market green alloy damper stay. The battery holder parts are slightly damaged, one of the posts had snapped and has been glued and the battery end plate has also been cut slightly. The chassis plates are showing signs of use as it was used on a runner so they are scraped and scuffed.

Also not pictured but I will include as much of the counter sunk and normal screws as I can.

Ideal for someone looking to convert a runner into the FRP chassis. :) 






No idea whats its worth so say, £35 posted?



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