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TA01 to DF01 Conversion

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I have a TA01 with an FRP chassis which I have previously used from drifting. Among a collection also including a TA02 and TA03F with much the same purpose and spec.

The TA01 is the least relevant to me, and poorest performing of the 3 (although they do all have their unique traits which are fun).

So what to do with it? Well the title makes that obvious, but I'd like to think there are a few people here who'd have the same idea.

Built originally from a Cayenne kit, so has the "correct" black gearboxes. The FRP chassis is assembled from broken down Top Force Re-Re parts from Ebay. So I do have the rest of the essential J parts and mount bag parts.

I haven't decided quite yet to what extent I'll compromise on using kit correct parts, but it will be a runner, so no real point being super picky.

At first it will be Black Star dish rear wheels front and rear, and OP84 Square Spike tyres.

For damper's i'm considering TGM02 Aluminum damper set 53545. These are a little more period looking, much cheaper than Hicaps, but a tiny bit too long at 100mm. They look like Gold 53280 Super Low Friction Dampers to me, just longer, so I think they would work well, but not sure if i shorten them with spacers if they'll have enough travel left.

Other than that the new aeration buggy dampers that come in pairs and I've found similarly priced, I'm sure these are awesome but i'd prefer something without a threaded body.. I could also settle for something cheaper.

Body is probably the part i'm least sure about. I'll probably end up with 2. A box art Top Force and custom Gravel Hound or Sand Viper runner body.  

Here's how it looks now.


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