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Classic Vers Super Blackfoot on the beach

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Here's a video I've knocked together of them running:




Here's the crashes:


I hope those links work,the second one seems to have come up with a full screen shot unlike the first main one....

Well it's not really a fair contest as the Super Blackfoot had a 22T motor & 4200mah 40-80C Li-PO. The Super also had a Parma Lexan body so is a bit lighter. On smooth Tarmac the super clocked 18.8mph. The classic only managed 11.6mph with a stock silver can & old NIMH, I later realised I could squeeze in the big square edged 5800 LiPo, it clocked 12.8mph then. It's surprising by how much 1.2mph looks faster! 


I guess I should really tune the classic as the parts are just about all available again, but I don't want to stress the diff. I tried to drill drive cups the last time I had it in bits but that wasn't happening. It occurred to me if you could get an M2 bolt that was long enough it should be possible to bolt it right though, but I've not found one yet, I think it needs to be about 36mm but I don't want to strip it again to check! I'm running the frog re-re drive shafts now. I'd replaced every part of the gearbox apart from the white plastic bearing holders, with those now new it's actually working ok for once. Oddly enough the drive train caused me very few issues back in the day the hex drives were fine I just stripped the teeth of the reduction cog once & hammered the metal sides in so they pressed in on the diff it ran fine like that.  


It's odd how much better the super was on the beach though it hardly ever got stuck even driving up sand dunes. They both have soft foam filled tyres but you can see the classic just spinning them. The super can carry more speed into obstacles, but even from a standing start it gets over bumps the classic can't I guess maybe the super can spin it's wheels fast enough to fling the sand out of the treads or it's just down to the different suspension arrangement & slight weight advantage or as my boy said just cos it's got more power! 

The super's chassis is actually the one from my 80s classic I snapped a rear body mount off it so they had to swap as the super doesn't need them. The classic body is my original I'm tempted to get a new one now but I kind of like the battered look its picked up over the years (I melted the rear end trying to recreate the flaming tyre tracks from back to the future)




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