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Sitting in the garage for 15 years

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So I'd been hunting for my old Turbo Optima Mid for about two years, just was baffling what I did with it. Went over to my sisters tonight and she grabs this box! For some reason, I had left my old Skyline GTR and the parts of the Turbo Optima Mid at her place a long, long time ago! I have the Turbo Optima Mid shock on the GTR.

It's unlikely I'll restore the Turbo Optima, it was my favourite car probably of all time and has the wear to prove it. Don't know where the tyres are and there are a couple of other bits missing, but it's always fun to re-discover the old 'barn finds'!

I will say that while I didn't buy the Optima re-re, of / when they do the Turbo Optima mid SE, I'll be all over it.

*The MP-5 box is just a tease, sold that one many moons ago :(



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