F/S - Tamiya 58193, Porsche 911 GT1, Fully Hopped Up TA03R-S + Loads of Extras

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Reluctantly I am putting up for sale my gorgeous Porsche 911 GT1, which has been hopped up beyond TRF spec with almost every single TA03 Hop Up imaginable including some nice rare official Tamiya hex head hardware too. It has never been ran in its current state with the only used parts being the Eurethane front bumper, some hop ups (that have been cleaned up) and some plastic parts. Most of the plastics are the rare black type with only a few small parts using the original grey ones. The body is new built and never ran, it was cut, painted and decalled by myself to a pretty good standard (as can be seen by the pictures). What you see is what you get and I will list below the extensive hop ups that have been used, some of which are ultra rare to find these days.


So what you get ........ is a TA03R-S chassis that has had the following fitted,


53387 - TA03R-S FRP Chassis Conversion (part J5 has been replaced with some alloys spacers)

53386 - TA03R-S Carbon Chassis Plates.

53267 - TA03 Ball Diff (fitted to the rear)

53200 - 4WD Front One Way Diff (fitted to the front)

53326 - TA03 Alluminium Steering Set

53274 - TA03 Aluminium Counter Shaft

53200 - TA03 Universal Swing Shafts (Blue)

49091 - TA03 Lightweight Drive Shafts Purple (fitted to the rear)

53279 - TA03 Torque Splitter Unit

53261 - TA03F Pro Carbon Battery Plate Set

53276 - TA03 Fluorescent Colour Stabilizer Set

53163 - On Road Spring Set

53333 - Touring Car Tuned Spring Set (short type)

53337 - TA03 Reinforced Damper Stay (low mount type) x2

49093 - Aluminium Servo Stay (purple)

53275 - TA03 Aluminium Motor Heat Sink

53288 - TA03 Aluminium Rear Uprights

53316 - TA03 Aluminium Hub Carriers

53293 - Reinforced Slicks Type A x2

53571 - TRF Flourine Coated Dampers (1 has a slight mark on the top cap)

53291 - TA03 15T Aluminium Pulley x2

TA03 Pro 0.4 Module Gear set

I have used alot of 3 Racing Purple Hardware on the build too.

New built Tamiya Porsche 911 GT1 bodyset, with wheels and inserts

I am sure I have missed out a few items, also comes fitted with full bearings, Almost complete spare decal set for the 911 GT1, Full spare plastic parts for the 911 GT1, original kit box, scanned manual (sorry I don't have the original manual) and a few other spare parts that I have for the chassis. Also included are most of the Hop Up labels/packaging that I have kept over the years of collecting the parts to build this.


Any questions at all, please feel free to ask. Also any other pictures wanted, again please ask. I would like to see it go to a good home and not someone who is going to sell it on preferably. UK buyer preferred, but may post overseas at cost (the box will be quite heavy) and double boxed packaging






Looking for £160 (includes UK postage).

Many thanks



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I can't believe this hasn't sold:o if I had the cash I would grab it.


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I like how you built that chassis and I'm interested. Are the chassis plates new?

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Is this car still for sale?

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