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TT-01E MKV Golf GTI Cup Car Build

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So, I used to own a MKV GTI that I loved to death.  It was the first car where I just enjoyed everything about it.  I picked up this kit while I had the car, because I wanted to reproduce it as close as I possibly could, but I have since sold the car.  Anyway, this car will sort of be a reminder of the good memories I had of the car.

My old MKV GTI



My TT-01E build progress

Chassis as it sits right now.


Hobbywing Justock XR10, Hobbywing Justock 17.5T, TT01 Aluminum drive shaft, Full ball bearings, Tamiya 28T pinion and 55T Spur, Savox 254MG Servo



Suspension - upgraded shocks



Painted the lightbucket of the headlights the way they're supposed to be like they are from factory.


Painted the mirrors accordingly


Progress on the body that will be attached with magnets.




What's left?

1. Wheels,  I bought some wheels that are as close to the stock 18" Hufeisen wheels as possible they're undergoing painting righ tnow.  Ideally I'd like to have a replica of the 18" fifteen52 RML Snowflakes that you see in the picture of my old car, but someone would have to 3d print that for me.
2. See if I can possibly replicate the grille slats that I had on my car on the front.
3. Decals!  Just the VW emblems and the windshield wipers.


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Very cool car! Both the 1:1 and the 1:10th. If you want to replicate the license plate, there's always this website, which looks like it's from 1998 but does have a good selection of American license plates (I saw you were from Southern Cali).
What I do with license plates is print them out on good paper, then stick them to a piece of lexan and then stick that to the body. That way, the plates actually look like seperate items instead of a decal on the rear bumper.


How is the 17.5t in that car? I've heard mixed reports on brushless motors in TT01s.

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So I finally got around to painting some wheels I got and some other minor things.  These wheels are close to the stock 18" Hufeisen wheels that were on the car when I bought it.  I found some wheels similar to my fifteen52 RML Snowflakes, but not sure if I'll buy them yet or if they'd fit.

Still need to figure out how to make the grille slats for the front grille and add lighting.




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7 hours ago, Phil_H said:

Nice Job...

Here's my Old GTi. Lovely Cars...and DSG was something else :) 



Nice.  Yup had a DSG.  Traded that in for PDK.

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