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Firstly high to the forum.

Well Xmas brought my 9 year old a Grasshopper and sent me running for the ladders to get out my old rc cars, a Hornet, Bigwig that i converted to a Boomerang including a Beaties Bag and a trophy from Rotherham/Brinsworth buggy club, the xmas holidays has seen a complete strip down and rebuild of both but sadly i am missing a couple of parts to put the Bigwig back to its original state so if anyone has the following it would be great :-

B9 undercarriage

A12 speed controller mount

BT5 Boot Stopper x 2

Sub Chassis

A small list to say its been up there for years

Ill post some pics when I have them finished



How am i going to explain to the wife about the


Racing buggy (Ouch expensive)

Wild One

and i really should order a hotshot i spent hours on a saturday looking at them.

That just appeared in the man cave, come to think about it I’ve had the bigwig longer than the wife.


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I'd advise dropping the A12 speed controller mount off the list, and getting a hobbywing 1060 esc, or for straight plug and play without soldering, pick up a tamiya esc like the tble-02s.

If your planning on keeping it stock and period correct ignore me :)


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Thanks for the tip but I want to make it as original as possible I remember throwing the old mechanical speed controller because at the time I had this electronic wonder it looks like a radio shack project



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