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Kyosho WRX rebuild

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A friend of mine found out I like to rebuild old rc cars so he gave me his wrx he had when he was a kid. Never dealt with a Kyosho up til now. Very nice quality plastic and good design, I thought fwiw.

He said if I could get it running I could have it. I did and all I needed was a set screw and a new servo (along with a thorough "servicing") and it was good to go!

This is going to be my 10 year old's car to learn on - not too fast, but fun. Here are some pics of it disassembled, finished and it's first official run in the snow.


Sticker placement was all from my friend's teenage years.


Only the second significant snow fall here in New England. These pictures were taken about 2 hours ago and theres now too much snow on the ground to run the car. Supposed to get between 8"-12".




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