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For Sale - Nikko Tyrrell P34 in rare scheme

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Ok. My Mrs is pushing for a thinning of the ranks and i am reluctantly going through what i can part with (I hoard).

I picked up this little oddity a while ago which has sat since, not wanting to mess with it (restoration wise). Its odd as i have only ever seen the all blue version with high inlet scoop over the engine and NEVER the white and blue livery. I cannot even find reference to it on the web. Could it be a prototype??

Its marked 1974 which is odd as the car didnt race until 76!

Its clean with no corrosion and works just fine in both gear ratios. There is the obvious lack of rear wing and the tyres (after what i assume is close to 40 years) have some minor cracks. The rubber is still supple though and could be repairs with something like stormsure or similar. I chose to leave it as its original.

Open to offers. Nikko_Tyrrell_2.jpgNikko_Tyrrell_1.jpgNikko_Tyrrell_3.jpgNikko_Tyrrell_4.jpg

Would possibly be tempted with a 1980's Frog in need of restoration on the grounds that my Mrs must not find out XD

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The all blue livery was the 1976 car, the 1977 car changed its livery to blue and white as above. So not  a prototype I am afraid :)

Although the P34 was first announced in 1974 it didn't carry that livery then and it never raced until the 1976 season.



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