M03 extension for Street (Sand) Scorcher

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I've started work on an M03-based Sand Scorcher street-rod.  I designed a simple M03 extension to get the wheelbase up to 248mm for my project. (Yes - I know the Scorcher is 250mm, but this is what I needed for the body to fit right)

I'm gonna link below to an Instagram post where I created a short video of the new extension vs. the stock one and how it fits.

Part is in my Shapeways shop... 




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Very nice work, and reasonably priced too! Everytime I have a look at Shapeways I go out thinking My!That's way out of budget!

It would be nice to see a Scorcher body complete and finished mounted on the worked M03 chassis. Again, that's a very nice work there! :)


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On 1/27/2017 at 2:01 AM, WillyChang said:


Won't it work on M04 too?

I haven't seen an M04 personally, but I don't think so.  Pics don't look like it would.  But the M03, M03M, and M03L are the same chassis with different spacers for different wheelbases.  It should work on any M03 variant.

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