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Traxxas Slash 2WD

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Heya guys my son's Slash 2WD ate itself the other day so now I'm up for a suitable replacement motor and ESC etc... 

It has an XL-5 ESC and a TITAN 550 12T brushed motor that went south from running a few too many lipos and the usual dirt, dust eventually leading to it's demise. 


I'm thinking about an upgrade to brushless. 

What ideas do we have regarding something with a bit more poke? 

Ignore the pic of the Helion Select Four body. I fitted it so he didn't destroy the factory Traxxas one lol. 


Cheers and appreciate any/all input regarding the obvious and any other mods that would suit a friendly competitive "racer amongst friends" type of car. 

All that's done so far is a set of decent wheels & tyres... 




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I have a 4 pole castle creations 3800kv in my 2WD slash. I got it as a bundle with the Sidewinder SCT ESC, you could possibly look at that, not sure if the motor you got was sensored or not, the Castle ESC is sensorless. That motor really moves the truck, very torquey! The stock tires have a hard time dealing with the power and will teach your son some trigger control. :D The two biggest upgrades that helped my slash was the ESC/Motor upgrade, and secondly it would be the LCG chassis, for only like $35 its well worth it with the extra speed. Here's what my slash is looking like these days:




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Cool as your truck looks sweet! 

What battery are you running? We had a shot of a friend's 4WD on a 3S lipo and it was nuts! His has the Velinion 3500kv setup. Pretty awesome. 

I think I'll just go with a 120A Hobbywing or Turnigy waterproof ESC. 

Then I guess upgrade it as it breaks lol. 

We do like the way it handles like a true short course truck. Which isn't very good lol but that's the beauty of it for us. 

I've got my own full modified SCT so I can run with him. It's full aftermarket everything, though so handles nothing like a Slash lol. 

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Thanks! I've put a fair amount of work into it, it surprisingly handles decently at this point. I'm using 2 stage rpm pistons in shocks and they handle really awesome on track. They give good pack landing jumps, but act soft over rough terrain. For durability i replaced the following that broke on track:

All hinge & kingpins to lundsford (bent two after 3 races)

Tini shock shafts (bent one)

Aluminum shock caps (popped a plastic cap on first race)

Rear bearing carriers to rpm (broke one on first race as well)

For batteries, i'm running gens ace 5000 mah 50c, kinda heavy for racing, but i also bash too and these have good run times:


I get what you mean about the slash's sloppy handling, it was comical when i first started racing in spec slash class. All these slashes leaning, wiggling, rolling around the track, lots of fun. Local track has a annual event on new years day called the  "hangover 500". Basically 15 or 20 stock slashes running on indoor oval course for 50 laps, pure insanity.

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Haha that sounds like awesome fun! 


I decided to take the 3S Velenion system out of my custom Slash and got a 2S battery. With 23/86 gearing it has really women it up! 

I also put my RPM front/rear bumpers and wheelie bar on it as the colour better matches his factory body. 

And yep, I'll fix it stronger as it breaks things.... 



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