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56001 Sherman (RT1601) transmission pictures

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Here are pictures from inside of the hull of my RT1601 Sherman (also known as 56001).


The transmission came originally in the kit already assembled. The only choice

during the build for it was, that you could change how the motors would be geared.

Either faster (together, 2-channel radio) or slower (separately, 1-channel radio) by

selecting the right sprocket/s. 


As I modified my build a little (as you can see in the pictures) a long time ago,

it has the slower gear option in use and the clutch control remains unused.

The two motors are Mabuchi RS-360. And servos are Acoms AS-5 (not in picture)




The original control was with microswitches forward and reverse and turning with a servo controlling the clutch steering (black parts).

The original could not pivot on the spot, but this modification can do it. An additional fun fact is, that it is possible to modify

an Acoms Techniplus MK.III stick radio, by unscrewing one control stick and to re-attach it 90 degrees rotated and then 

you have two forward/back stick controls like in a real tank. Suits this setup very well. The white battery holder (5 D-size)

is not in the picture as I use a NiCd battery for running.



Transmission in view. Yellow electrical tape is there for just for wire safety.



Front view



Side view



Top view


Hopefully this will be of use for someone.


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I adopted a slightly different approach when I converted my vintage king tiger:




Shoved in 2 540s

I used 2 ESCs, one to power each motor, and a V tail mixer from a model airplane to connect up the ESCs. Using this you can drive it like a buggy (or a tank with clutches) - Throttle and steering, and it also enables you to pivot steer (run each motor in opposite directions)

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