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How to programm a YUKI Model B3 ?

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Can someone explain me why i cant get my Yuki B3 BL Combo to run? The Manual is kinda ........pointless to the Point where German Translation is the opposite of the English on some steps <_<

it starts that the Cell count (automatic accor. to the manual) dont seem to detect the correct number of cells in my nimh pack.
i guess the beepś go till five and the long beep seems to be indicate #5
so one long and one short beep seems to be 6cells .....i press set and go the the next steps->seems self explaining.

but it seems the motor runs only Backwards in neutral and the forward/backward is switched. Somehow ive managed ONCE to get this right just to find out that the motor/ESC shuts down when i full accel.


any ideas?

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Can this brushless esc run your nimh pack? 

If yo are are setting value 6 for cells this sounds like it's 6s lipo and not 6cell nimh which would immediately cut out as 6 cell nimh is drastically less voltage than 6s lipo

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