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Hotshot, kit no.5847

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got a project car, it is somewhat in poor condition. In box is states KIT NO. 5847 but I don't really find anything useful with that.

I believe it is original 1985 model, in club pages there is manual for 58047 which looks to be right, but that extra zero confuses me...

Anyone able to provide some info on this matter. Also tips how to get suspension parts would be valuable.

Thanks for you help!



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Back in the beginning, Tamiya didn't think long-term about their product numbering, or naming for that matter ^_^ Very earliest kits had an "RA-12" or "RA-10" prefix (depending on 1/12 or 1/10 scale) followed by the model number, eg. RA-1201 was the first R/C car kit. RA-1015 was the Rough Rider. etc.

The Hotshot kit you have, uses Tamiya's second phase of kit numbering - where they ditched "RA", and started instead numbering kits with a "58" prefix immediately followed by the model number. Hence the 47th kit that they ever made was "5847".

Later, Tamiya added the zero to expand the lifespan of the "58" prefix much further into the future, hence "58047" and so on. They must have had some internal reason for wanting to keep "58" the product prefix for all 1/10 & 1/12 kit models. 

Also in those early days, all the spare parts were named after the cars themselves. Not just a clinical and boring chassis code. Hence you had "Hotshot ball bearing set" or "Sand Scorcher Tyre (Rear)" and so on. Plus all the early spare parts had the names of the car they belonged to, embossed on them. I miss those days. But they live on in my world, as I pretty much own zero cars that aren't from the era when it was done this way :ph34r: :P

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